Affiliate Marketing Referral Program

Who is Naturally Botanicals?
Naturally Botanicals is a woman owned and operated nutritional supplement business. The company was birthed from the passion of these women to help others who are seeking to promote their health and well-being naturally. The owners have over 15 years experience in the nutraceutical industry and have experience and training as a registered nurse, clinical nutritionalists and healing practitioners.  Our products were created by doctors for doctors, with over 30 years of clinical expertise in researching and producing botanical and nutritional supplements, and are designed to support the body’s natural ability to heal and achieve its optimum functionality and well-being.  We are committed to providing superior, clinically tested, all natural herbal and nutritional products to those who are seeking a natural way of creating health and well-being for themselves.

What is the Affiliate Marketing Referral Program?
The Affiliate Marketing Referral Program is designed to assist you as an affiliate referrer.  You earn commissions when purchases are made on our site at www.naturallybotanicals.com by the visitors you referred from your website, blog and/or affiliate links.  You can convert your visitors to sales by using our timely creative and text links, often featuring our money-saving offers and promotions.  Average online orders range from $65- $80.

How do I join the Affiliate Marketing Referral Program?
First, you need your own website or blog. Your site or blog cannot be under construction and must be fully functioning before you apply. Once your site or blog is up and running, you will need to create an Affiliate Referral account, including your website name, description and URL.

Does my website qualify for the program?
All websites and blogs are open to submission for approval. Acceptance and/or refusal of website and blog submissions is at the sole discretion of Naturally Botanicals, Inc. Preferred websites, blogs and businesses are those with content and focus as it relates to health, healing and lifestyle, especially through the use of  nutritional and herbal supplements.

How much money can I earn?
You have the potential to earn up to 12% in commissions on sales you refer from your website or blog to Naturally Botanicals. Our program is a tiered incentive.

  • $0.00 - $4,999.99 = 10%
  • $5000.00 and up = 12%

What type of creative do you provide?
Once you are approved in our program you use and post all creative, graphics, URL addresses and text links available on www.naturallybotanicals.com for individual products, best sellers and health categories, featured categories, featured products, and more! All provided creative is intended to be used as provided without alteration. All other creative must be approved in writing by Naturally Botanicals prior to use. Should you require custom creative for your website, please contact us directly.

Am I allowed to post coupon codes?
Naturally Botanicals creates and promotes monthly specials and coupon codes.  These pre-approved promotions and codes may be posted by affiliates. We are always evaluating new promotions and ideas and would be happy to speak with you about creating a custom promotion for you and your visitors.

For more information joining our Affiliate Referral Program, please contact us at info@naturallybotanicals.com or 888.826.2704

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