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Welcome to Naturally Botanicals

Welcome to Naturally Botanicals!

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CONFIRMED! Lab tests show over 30+ popular food products contain GMOs. Are you eating them?

(Food Babe) October 2014 | Earlier this year, the Consumer Reports Food Safety and Sustainability Center sent out secret shoppers to purchase more than 80 processed food products in New York and Seattle, which included a wide range of products all containing corn or soy ingredients: breakfast cereals, bars, corn chips, corn tortillas, baking mixes and flours, baby formulas, meat substitutes, soy “dairy” products, and tofu/tempeh products. Then, they tested these products to see if they contained any GMO ingredients, and if so, how much. This is important because the overwhelming majority of processed food in America contains corn or soy ingredients, which are also the most prevalent genetically modified crops, yet most major food manufacturers are strongly against labeling GMO ingredients. We are being left in the dark in this country, and virtually the only way to know whether a product contains GMOs is to have it tested – and that’s exactly what Consumer Reports did.
  • There are no mandatory safety assessments required before GMOs are introduced into our food system.
  • GMOs have contributed to ,a href="">more toxic pesticide usage since their inception. I want the pollution of our earth to stop. The types of environmental chemicals we are being exposed to are what the President’s Cancer Panel says will destine 41% of us to get cancer in our lifetime. 
  • There are no long term human studies to prove GMOs are safe. 
  • GMOs are responsible for killing bee colonies. Without bees, we are in big trouble. 
  • I could go on with more reasons, but one in particular is very personal. I used to suffer from some of the worst allergies. I have been hospitalized multiple times because of them. I used to be on several prescription drugs to control them too. When I removed GMOs from my diet, eating a majority of organic whole, unprocessed foods, my allergies vanished and was able to stop taking all my prescription medications. I feel like I have ten times more energy now and feel incredible. For this reason alone, I take avoiding GMOs very seriously 
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OMEGA 3 MARINE LIPID by Professional Botanicals | Omega 3 - Essential Fatty Acids | Natural Support for Heart, Brain & Eyes | ACTION: OMEGA 3 Fish Oil has received wide attention in the mass media because of clinical research showing how it combats heart disease. Studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggest that fish and/or fish oil supplements may improve cardiovascular health. Among the benefits from taking Omega 3 fish oils are lower cholesterol, lower triglycerides, platelet aggregation, and lower risk of coronary heart disease. Other benefits include improvement of rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes. Click "Ingredient" tab above for more information.
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ULTIMATE VITA/MIN by Professional Botanicals | A Synergistic Daily Multi Vitamin & Mineral Complex | Plus a Proprietary Blend of Supporting Herbs | Supports the needs of today's active lifestyle, provides support against free radicals, slows aging, helps balance hormones, and aids the body in cleansing and detoxifying itself. Contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, trace minerals, and a proprietary blend of herbs which are specifically balanced for an active lifestyle. This synergistically-balanced formula contributes to good health by regulating the metabolism and assisting the biochemical processes that release energy from digested food. Includes micronutrients which the body needs in relatively small amounts yet are essential for good health. Enzymes are essential chemicals that are the foundation of human bodily functions. They are the catalysts or activators in the chemical reactions that are continually taking place within the body. Vitamins and minerals work with enzymes as coenzymes to help produce healthy, efficient function of all body systems. Click "Ingredient" tab above for more information.
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FLORA-NORM by Professional Botanicals | A Powerful 12-Strain Probiotic Formula | Supporting Restoration of Normal Bacterial Flora | ACTION: A powerful 12-strain probiotic formula that helps restore and support normal bacterial flora in the intestinal tract. Probiotics are needed to support the growth and restoration of normal flora in the intestinal tract. Commonly needed when a person has undergone any antibiotic therapy. INDICATIONS MAY INCLUDE: Yeast infection, sugar craving, slow blood clotting, and hypothyroidism. Click "Ingredient" tab above for more information.
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KRILL OMEGA by Professional Botanicals | Krill Omega with its high bioavailability is loaded with Phospholipids, Astaxanthin, and Omega3 EPA and DHA. Our Krill Omega supports protection of the cellular structure, acts as an excellent anti-oxidant, and overall tonic to proper physical structure and function. Click "Ingredient" tab above for more information.
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Flora-Vegi non milk by Professional Botanicals | A Non-Milk, Non-Diary Probiotic Formula | Supporting Restoration of Normal Bacterial Flora | ACTION: Non-milk (non-diary) based pro-biotic. Supports the re-establishment of normal bacterial flora in the intestines, or more specifically the colon. This source is carrot based and is lactose free. INDICATIONS MAY INCLUDE: Yeast infections, sugar cravings, and antibiotic use. Click "Ingredient" tab above for more information.
Regular Price: $32.97
 On Sale For: $30.97