At Naturally Botanicals we believe that when someone commits their money and time to support their health with nutritional supplements, they deserve to have the best products available, offering the best results, to feel the best improvement in their health and wellness. Our mission is to inform and educate customers who are interested in nutritional and herbal supplements that all supplements are not created equally, and that professional grade ingredients and formulations are much better utilized by the body in supporting its optimal function and vitality. Therefore, we further commit to providing the best possible practitioner-grade supplements available that surpass the efficacy and safety of most products in the general marketplace.

We offer two major professional-grade product lines, Professional Botanicals and Dynamic Nutritional Associates (DNA Labs). Professional Botanicals and DNA Labs are both leading manufacturers of herbal formulas, nutraceuticals, glandulars, vitamins and minerals, and homeopathics. Both lines excel in product quality, safety, efficacy, and label potency.  For over 30 years, each company has used its own unique scientific methods and techniques to produce, improve and enhance their formulas.

Professional Botanicals was founded over 30 years ago through the personal vision of Chuck Millet, fueled by his wife’s ill-health and subsequent recovery with the aid of nutritional and herbal formulas. He gathered a group of doctors dedicated to creating formulas of a superior quality for use by Health Care Practitioners. Their sole mission was to provide the best researched products available to support the quest for optimum health and genetic potential through nutrition. In 1980, the research was primarily outside the United States and required “knowing the right people to access this research.” Having those connections and accessing this research took over a year before the first product was available on the market. The result is a line of products which is specialized, yet extremely comprehensive, encompassing ancient Chinese formulas combined with scientific research and nutraceuticals.

In spite of there being little or no marketing, the word about Professionals Botanicals products has quietly spread and they have been used successfully by Health Care Practitioners all over the US since the eighties. Now under the management of his son Dr. Allan Millet and Naturally Botanicals, this hidden gem of a product line is being brought into the mainstream and made more widely available in order that many more people can benefit from this amazing line of health supporting formulas. 

Formulations: The magic is in the formulations, our blends of the most effective medicinal plant extracts and botanicals. Creating a powerful product requires serious attention to the finest detail to ensure short-term results and long-term support for the body. Our formulations are optimized to promote healing and improve functioning throughout the body. 

Your Total Absorption: We harness the power of enzymes to improve the body’s absorption of our powerful formulas. Our proprietary “Enzyme Delivery System” (EDS) makes the difference. You get the most of every supplement by increasing the body’s response to every formula.  Enzymes are vital proteins that help break down our food (and are all but missing from our convenient, modern diets). Each product contains the optimal dosage of balanced enzymes. This means that every product is assimilated into the body properly. In addition, Professional Botanicals also uses a proprietary blend of adaptogens in every formula. Adaptogens are an elite group of botanicals that work on a cellular level to support the body’s ability to function, adjust and perform, especially during times of stress. They support the body’s ability to thrive in our ever-changing environments by not only supporting each individual cell, but also the essential glands and organs of the body. We use natural herbal remedies from around the globe that have been promoting wellness and optimizing health for hundreds of years.

Their constant research and refining of products continues to meet the changing needs of today’s consumers and health concerns. Potential new products and materials are critically evaluated, initially being assessed by independent research findings and then through an intensive in-house development program. Finally the products are further evaluated in an independent clinical setting and undergo independent NSF testing.

Providing nutritional products that are consistently effective and Simply the finest!

♦ Manufacturer’s Assurance

All DNA nutritional products are manufactured with 100% of label potency.

♦ Scientific Innovation
“Wick Formulated Sol-U-Tab”
The “Wick Formula” by D.N.A. Laboratories, Inc. is a true breakthrough in tablet design, producing ultimate bioavailability and absorption. Each tablet contains a specially prepared cellulose web that literally transports moisture to the center of the tablet. The hydroscopic nature of water soluble cellulose causes the web like fibers to expand, resulting in the gentle disintegration of each tablet. This feature allows the body’s enzymatic properties to concentrate on the contents of the tablet itself rather than wasting such energies on a solid mass of material. Each timed release tablet delivers nutrients at its particular receptor site to ensure assimilation.

♦ Glandular Innovation
Pure glands are processed to evoke the highest possible reponse with a preference for using the Azeotropic or Lypholized method.
The Azeotropic Process retains glandular material without high fat content, as in the case of the Liver, Kidney, Thymus, Spleen and Lung tissue.
The Lypholized Method retains desired glandular properties found in adipose tissue, as in the case of Brain, Heart, Adrenal, Thyroid and Gonadal substances.
Glandular tissue is derived from Porcine and Bovine sources, Bovine being free from the disease commonly known as BSE.

♦ Herbal Integrity
Herbs are organically grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides.

DNA Labs are committed to serving you with Simply the finest! nutritional products.